Ragdale Hall Spa

BubbleSpa installed in a leading East Midlands Spa

Choose BubbleSpa for a spa experience at home.

Ragdale Hall Spa prides itself on offering its clients indulgent treatments, excellent facilities, high-quality products and amenities all designed to help them unwind and create the most relaxing experience possible.

As part of this service, they have recently installed their first Kelda Bubble Spa shower, with a second to be installed later this year. Renowned for their ability to combine air and water in a totally unique way Kelda has created a luxury shower system designed to provide a massaging shower experience whilst being sustainable – using 50% less water and energy than other spa-style showers.

ragdale hall bubblespa

Ragdale Hall Spa selected the BubbleSpa shower, as it provides a their customers with a truly holistic showering experience.

BubbleSpa showers feature a smart microprocessor in the overhead shower mixes the precise amount of air and water before precisely dispensing through one of the 16 HydrO₂ nozzles, providing homeowners with a luxury shower experience.

This cocktail of air and water leaves each nozzle as a column, before breaking into a multitude of perfectly crafted bubbles, the Kelda BubbleRain experience. The unique shower head features an advanced LED lighting system which illuminates the bubbles as they fall. There are three lighting options to choose from; stream, chain and drops – each provides a different optical illusion – heightening the shower experience.

The bubbles are droplets of water filled with air, around 20mm in diameter. Each bubble emulates the soft rhythmical finger tapping motion that is a key component of traditional Swedish massage techniques. This creates a shower that not only refreshes but, helps relax and soothe tense muscles. The patented Air-Powered technology has excellent green credentials too, using a fraction of the water required for a traditional spa shower – meaning lower running costs for spas while enhancing experience.

You can experience the luxury of Ragdale Hall's BubbleSpa in your very own home.


Can I have a BubbleSpa shower?

BubbleSpa® showers are the perfect solution for your bathroom, en-suite or spa/treatment room.

The stylish and flexible designs are available in wall-mounted “Exposed” or built-in “Concealed” options to support retrofit or new/renovation projects.

How does it work?

BubbleSpa® showers feature a digital fan and intelligent microprocessor (positioned within the overhead shower) that controls the delivery of water and air to each of the sixteen precision engineered HydrO2 nozzles.

As water and air exit the HydrO2 nozzle, a column of water with air inside forms until it breaks into individual bubbles.

Each bubble is designed to be 20 mm in diameter to stimulate the skin and rinse away stress. The newly formed bubbles cascade from each nozzle and the result is Kelda’s unique sensory BubbleRain™ experience.

What are the benefits?

BubbleSpa® showers are designed to promote holistic wellbeing and provide homeowners with a luxury spa-like experience, while reducing the wastage of resources from showering.

Each bubble simulates the soft rhythmical fingertip tapping that is synonymous with traditional Swedish massage techniques. Kelda call it BubbleTapping shower therapy. Tapping massage is well known to provide numerous health benefits including blood circulation improvement, strengthening of the immune system and muscle relaxation.

What are the installation requirements?

BubbleSpa® showers require a minimum water pressure of 1.5 bar (2.0 bar for the Mixer Shower System), hot and cold water supply, and electrical connection to the shower installation point.

Installation requires both plumbing and electrical work. As with any shower, Kelda recommends that all work is carried out by a competent qualified person in line with building regulations.

Are they eco-friendly and how much does it cost to run?

BubbleSpa® showers incorporate Air-Powered™ technology meaning they use a lot less water than a standard mixer shower. Using less water means less energy (hot water demand) and therefore fewer carbon emissions.

Kelda showers are not only kinder to the planet but they can help lower bills too. It is estimated that a BubbleSpa® shower could save a family hundreds of pounds per year in water and energy costs, compared to a standard spa shower.

How do thermostatic showers work?

A thermostatic shower features a thermostatic valve that mixes both hot and cold water together to a consistent and predetermined temperature. By doing so, this prevents scalding and cold shock which makes it extremely well-suited to multi-generational families.

For added safety all Kelda showers feature a TMV2 approved thermostatic mixing valve so you can be assured of the highest levels of quality.

Can I adjust the light settings?


BubbleSpa® showers feature an advanced lighting effect which illuminates the bubbles to create a high-definition BubbleRain™ spray pattern. There are three light modes: Drops, Chain and Stream. Each mode has a selection of brightness levels to enjoy in various lighting conditions. The light can be activated when the shower is on or off

How easy are they to clean?

Kelda’s HydrO2 nozzles are much larger than standard nozzles therefore are less likely to become blocked by limescale. That said, water hardness can vary significantly by region so routine cleaning is always advised.

To clean the shower Kelda recommends using a soft clean cloth (using only mild detergents if necessary).

Important: When cleaning never spray water or cleaning agents directly on the overhead shower, since the spray mist may get into the shower head and cause damage. Instead, spray the cleaning agent onto a soft cloth, and use this to wipe the nozzles and surfaces.