BubbleSpa® Overhead Shower


● Overhead shower 300 with ceiling arm
● Patented Air-Powered™ technology
● HydrO₂ nozzle technology
● Unique 20mm BubbleRain spray pattern
● Advanced LED lighting
● BubbleTapping shower massage
● 2 year guarantee
● Chrome/White
● Product Code: 95002000
● EAN: 5070000729213



Chap enjoying the BubbleSpa shower's unique large bubbles.

Unrivalled Experience.

The latest offering from Kelda, the BubbleSpa® shower, embodies our commitment to crafting the world's most coveted shower experience. This remarkable creation exemplifies our tradition of pioneering innovation over the last 10 years.

Close-up of BubbleSpa air-powered shower bubbles on the shoulder.

Shower Therapy

BubbleRain emulates the gentle and rhythmic sensation of fingertip tapping, which is closely associated with traditional Swedish massage methods. Kelda has named this therapy "BubbleTapping shower therapy," specifically crafted to rejuvenate the skin and wash away stress.

Lady washing her hair in the unique BubbleSpa air-powered shower.


BubbleSpa® elevates your everyday shower into a lavish spa encounter that engages your senses of sight, touch, and sound. Subtle LEDs illuminate the substantial bubbles, creating a visually enchanting display, while their generous size produces a gratifying sound as they delicately touch and burst against your skin.

Technical Specification​

Input voltage: 100V-240 VAC

Frequency: 47 – 63 Hz

AC Current:  0.4A / 115 VAC, 0.25A / 230 VAC


DC Voltage: 24 V

Constant Current Region: 13.2 – 24 V

Rated Current: 1.05A

Max Power Consumption: 25.2W (during operation inc. LED)

Water ingress protection of transformer: IP67 (Fully encapsulated Class 2 Power Unit)

Motor type: Kelda optimised centrifugal digital fan

Motor speed: Max: 6,700 rpm

Operating airflow: 9.6 m3/h

Static Pressure: Max. 170 Pa

Housing materials: Plastic

Sound  power level: Exemplary quiet-running noise level of just 55 dB(A)

Overhead shower: ABS (body), PMMA (face plate), Stainless steel (nozzles)

Ceiling arm: Stainless Steel (body)

Control type: Requires suitable mixer

Water ingress protection rating of overhead shower: IPX4

Water flow rate: 10.0 l/min (overhead shower)

Materials: WRAS approved (water path)

Minimum Working Pressure (Dynamic): 1.5bar / 0.15MPa

Maximum Working Pressure (Dynamic): 5bar / 0.5MPa

Inlet Feed: Mixed

Inlet Connection: 15mm pipework

Part No.Packaged Dimensions (mm)Packaged Weight (kgs)
95001000L620 x W450 x D29012.0
95002000L620 x W450 x D29012.0
95003000L760 x W480 x D34018.2
95004000L760 x W480 x D34018.2
95005000L1290 x W450 x D29022.8


  • BubbleSpa® overhead shower
  • Ceiling arm
  • Power supply
  • Instruction Manual
  • Fitting kit

2-year guarantee


BubbleSpa showerhead - BubbleRain

Air-Powered™ Technology

BubbleSpa® stands as the sole shower system housing Kelda's proprietary Air-Powered™ bubble technology. The culmination of more than a decade of meticulous refinement and shaped by innovative engineering, this cutting-edge technology guarantees unparalleled performance and uncompromising quality with each and every shower experience.

Close up of the BubbleSpa showerhead nozzles

HydrO₂ Nozzles

Within the showerhead lie sixteen meticulously engineered HydrO₂ nozzles. These one-of-a-kind annular nozzles have been intricately designed through advanced computer modelling. As water and air flow through these nozzles, they combine to form a cohesive water column that eventually disperses into individual bubbles.

Close up of the BubbleSpa showerhead nozzles

High-Definition Design

A cutting-edge LED lighting system seamlessly integrated into the overhead shower bathes each bubble in a mesmerising glow, conjuring a high-definition spray pattern that stimulates the senses. With a simple press of a button, you can effortlessly transform the lighting effects, immersing yourself in the illusion of three distinct BubbleRain spray patterns that soothe and captivate the mind. This is the magic of BubbleSpa!

LED Spray Form

An intelligent LED lighting system integrated in the overhead shower illuminates each bubble displaying a high-definition spray form that defies logic. BubbleSpa® offers homeowners the option of different lighting effects that give the illusion of three different BubbleRain spray patterns. This is Kelda magic! All lighting modes offer the same unique and relaxing luxury shower experience.

BubbleSpa showerhead

BubbleRain [Drops]

Spray pattern effect using lighting mode 01.

BubbleSpa showerhead - BubbleRain

BubbleRain [Chain]

Spray pattern effect using lighting mode 02.

BubbleSpa showerhead - BubbleRain setting III

BubbleRain [Stream]

Spray pattern effect using lighting mode 03.

BubbleSpa® Range

BubbleSpa wall-mounted overhead showerhead

Overhead Shower – Wall Arm (Only)

95001000 Overhead shower with wall arm.

BubbleSpa overhead shower

Thermostatic Concealed Mixer Shower Set – Wall Arm

95003000 Minimalist aesthetic. Concealed “flush” design with wall mounted overhead shower.

BubbleSpa overhead shower

Thermostatic Concealed Mixer Shower Set – Ceiling Arm

95004000 Minimalist aesthetic. Concealed “flush” design with ceiling mounted overhead shower.

BubbleSpa exposed mixer shower system​

Thermostatic Exposed Mixer Shower

95005000 Modern shelf design. Perfect choice to replace an existing exposed bar mixer shower.