Introducing the world’s first BubbleSpa® shower. Revolutionising the concept of luxurious bathing. By infusing enchantment into the showering experience, Kelda Showers is reshaping the conventional bathroom into a sanctuary of individual tranquility and serenity.

Chap enjoying the BubbleSpa shower's unique large bubbles.

Unrivalled Experience.

The magic of bubbles.
The latest offering from Kelda, the BubbleSpa® shower, embodies our commitment to crafting the world’s most coveted shower experience. This remarkable creation exemplifies our tradition of pioneering innovation over the last 10 years.
BubbleSpa showerhead dispensing big bubbles

Innovative Technology.

BubbleSpa® Air-Powered™ Technology.

Kelda’s BubbleSpa® shower is the culmination of more than a decade of dedicated development in Air-Powered™ Technology, drawing inspiration from the fields of aerospace and automotive engineering.

Close-up of BubbleSpa air-powered shower bubbles on the shoulder.

Holistic Shower Therapy.

Holistic Shower Therapy.
Kelda’s exclusive BubbleRain spray pattern generates generously sized droplets infused with air, gently cascading onto the body to deliver a lavish showering sensation. Each bubble replicates the soothing, rhythmic sensation akin to the traditional Swedish massage technique of fingertip tapping. Kelda dubs this innovation “BubbleTapping shower therapy,” known for its myriad health advantages, such as enhancing blood circulation, fortifying the immune system, and promoting muscle relaxation.
Kelda Showers - sustainability

Kelda Sustainability.

Our commitment to sustainability.
Kelda is dedicated to establishing an environmentally sustainable enterprise and aiding customers in minimising water and energy usage during showers, thereby leading to a reduction in carbon emissions.

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